If you’re a fan of The Office, Jim and Pam’s relationship is considered, at the minimum, a life goal. If you’re not a fan or haven’t seen the show, I bet you’ve seen the meme’s or the BuzzFeed articles on why they are one of the greatest sitcom relationships of all time. Now, the reason I bring this up is because I am a great fan of The Office but I also came to a realization today driving into work.

Side Note: For those still clueless, imagine pursuing a girl for 4 years, a love at first sight type, and within those 4 years, you become best friends. Then imagine getting the chance to date, marry, and have a beautiful family with your best friend. Picture the moment of proposing, standing at the alter, discovering you’re having a child with the one person you know you can’t live without… This is the life of Jim and Pam. 

Side Note on a Side Note: The most beautiful part of their relationship isn’t the triumphs they shared together but their willingness and desire to work through hard times instead of just giving up. Their ability to stand together, hand in hand, through thick and thin, loyal, loving, and  honest, is what, in my opinion, makes them great. 

Before I dig deeper into my realization, let me set the premise for you. I am not perfect, by any means. I make mistakes and I have flaws. With these flaws, I have strengths. I may not look like John Krasinski, but my loyalty makes up for it. I will always be honest and upfront, and I will care for you unconditionally. I will give you my coat if you get cold and I will make soup for you if you’re sick. I will always open the door for you and flowers is a must, and not just on special occasions. Lastly and most importantly, I will always fight for you as long as you do the same.

Now that I’ve set up my online dating profile, I can continue with my point.

Jim and Pam aren’t perfect human beings, but they’re perfect for each other. So many people desire what Jim and Pam have but very few, and I mean very few, are willing to earn it. How The Office portrayed their relationship was perfect. They didn’t just highlight the highs of their relationship, but they showed their lows. So low in fact there was a stretch of episodes that had the viewers questioning if they would stay together. Spoiler Alert: They never faltered. They both knew what went into making a successful relationship and they both were willing to put in the work. Most people, and this is applicable to not just relationships, know what they want but aren’t willing to put in the work to make it possible. Everyone wants the highs but no one wants to stick around when it’s low.

The next time you find yourself wanting a “Jim and Pam” relationship, first ask yourself if you’re honestly “Jim” or “Pam”, and not literally. Ask yourself if you are you ready to work for something, to earn something, to create something beautiful. As a hopeless romantic, I believe that you have one shot to find that one true person you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with. Why settle? Work for it but still respect yourself and know what you deserve. If you’re Pam looking for her Jim, make sure you’re willing to be Pam if he is truly Jim, and vice versa. Relationships are a two way street. Our generation is so embarrassing when it comes to sustaining relationships and upholding the “happily ever after”. It’s time to change that, it’s time for us to be the 90 year old couple holding hands walking down the side walk in the “Relationship Goal” memes (to the couples that have mastered the art of Jim and Pam, thank you for giving some of us hope. Please pass on your knowledge and keep doing what you do best).

Before I sign off, I leave you with this… In my opinion, one scene in the entire nine seasons of The Office, perfectly depicts their relationship and the baseline for any relationship. Grab a box of tissue and watch it. Trust me. 

Season 9 – Episode 22 – A.A.R.M. Fast forward to 32:55.

Youtube clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmZVLXf6oOI

You’re welcome.



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